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Copyediting & Coaching:

"Kjerstin has provided me with assistance in writing to clients for various issues and even takes the time to explain the rationale behind certain suggestions/ tweaks/ changes. When in disputes or in negotiation regarding the prices of certain pieces of work, that type of care and attention to detail goes a long way in helping me assert my confidence and understand my worth."


"Excellent rich content and dedicated instructor."


I was feeling stuck professionally and Kjerstin help me identify more options in front of me that I hadn't ever realized or thought about. So helpful and I learned skills to help myself again if I ever get bogged down with a similar dilemma again. 


"The material was very well researched and presented. The topics were interesting and practical tips were given. I would highly recommend this course to others if given again. Thank you,


“Kjerstin’s ability to see things from multiple perspectives has helped me rethink  difficult scenarios and how I can respond differently and meet people where they are.”


I sought Kjerstin's expertise when beginning a second career as an older female in health communication.  She provided valuable insights into working with much younger professionals that has led to a very effective working relationship for all of us.

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Robb Walters

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