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What is conflict and how do we move forward?

We experience conflict in every aspect of our lives. Much of the conflict we face is so manageable we don't think twice about it-- we make a decision and move forward.

But at other times, conflict can feel deeply personal, overwhelming, or abstract. Even when we feel like we understand what is happening, we may have trouble moving forward in a constructive way. The conflict takes up too much space in our minds and in our lives.

These conflicts can cause us damage or pain. We might make decisions to avoid the conflict and shy away from difficult conversations because we:

  • don’t want to make a situation worse

  • fear intense emotions taking over

  • tried to fix it and nothing changed

  • just don’t know what to do

These situations can happen between coworkers, family members, even ourselves. 

The job of a conflict resolution practitioner, or conflict coach, is not to solve problems for people, but to help them analyze the conflict they are facing and enable them to reframe and transform the situation(s) they are facing.

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